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Plant-Based Tuna Alternative TUNO Launches at Sainsbury’s

Released on: JANUARY 25, 2022
US company Atlantic Natural Foods is to launch its plant-based tuna alternative at Sainsbury’s stores in the UK. Called TUNO™, the product is sold under the company’s Loma Linda brand. TUNO is already available at Asda and Morrisons, and was even stocked at Aldi for Veganuary last year. The company says it has experienced impressive sales since it arrived in the UK in 2019.

Atlantic Natural Foods offers a sustainable solution to seafood

Released on: January 5, 2022
According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization fish consumption has risen by 122 per cent since 1990, with a rise of 527 per cent in global aquaculture production. This statistic is staggering, and many food producers, such as Atlantic Natural Foods, have taken action toward global food sustainability.

The Food Industry’s Latest Plant-Based Deal Is A Regenerative Mic Drop In The Face Of Big Food

Released on: Oct 25, 2021
A Farmer, a Foodie and a Fisher walk into a boardroom… While it might sound like the beginning of a joke— it’s actually the fishiest chapter in plant-based food’s most recent brand disruption, featuring a strategy that could just have what it takes to break through the big food glass ceiling— using plants.

Vegan Tuna Provides An Ocean Sustainability Solution

Released on: Sep 27, 2019
TUNO is trying to disrupt the $120 billion seafood industry with a plant-based alternative. TUNO’s founder Doug Hines, who was a former seafood industry executive and COO at Bumble Bee, shared more in a recent interview.